About me...

I have always been a highly motivated person, but when I was younger I was highly motivated to self destruct! Over the last ten years, I have learnt how to use my drive, ambition and general craziness for a better purpose. I completed my first marathon, Ironman and then Double Ironman... After that Brutal Events was born.

I will be honest and admit I have really struggled with addiction (and the depression and self esteem issues that come with it) but almost three years ago, I was able to finally turn my life around and have not looked back since. 

Of all my achievements, this is what I am most proud of, but it’s the one I don’t really speak of. Well, until now… ;-)

I often get asked why I do the Ultra Endurance stuff and I guess I just love the fact that you can do anything, if you train well and really, really want it.

In other news, I am a mum of two children (even though one is now an adult!) and a trained Graphic / Website Designer. I also run Brutal Events and time / run other events in the UK and have just been voted on to the IUTA Committee

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Arc of Attrition
100 mile ultra run


Jan 31st 2020